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[ 5 ] We Never Go Out of Style ~ Wear Your Label

If there’s one thing I love to do, it’s look online for things I can buy. While scouring Buzzfeed the other day, I stumbled upon what looked like a good site for me to shop. I have never been so right in my life.

The brand is unique and inspiring. No, it’s not a preppy store for elite buyers only. It’s for everyone; and I mean everyone.

Meet Canada-based company Wear Your Label. Its mission is to “design clothes to create conversations about mental health.” If that isn’t cool enough for you, 10% of the profits collected are donated to mental health initiatives to make an impact in other people’s lives. A cool aspect to the clothing line is the tags on the clothes. Normally, there would be instructions for washing or drying the clothes. These tags are much better. They give instructions on how to take care of yourself. Pretty cool, huh?

Another cool aspect of the site: there’s no boy’s and girl’s section. Wear Your Label recognizes that there are people who don’t fit into societal gender norms. And in order to accommodate all, they make sure to put all the clothes together. Here’s a few highlights of what types of items they sell (a lot of it is, at the moment, out of stock due to high demand.)

IMG_6613Gray “Self-Care Isn’t Selfish” tank, $30.00

What I love so much about this top is how true it is. Taking care of yourself is not a selfish thing to do. In fact, a lot of times, all you need to do to make yourself feel better is to slow down and do something that makes you feel good. It isn’t selfish; it’s needed.


Black “Your Story Isn’t Over” Leggings, $45.60

Who doesn’t love a pair of leggings with an uplifting tagline? According to the description of this product, “thighs are considered a common place for self injury…the “Your Story Isn’t Over” Leggings act as a reminder to stay strong for those who may be struggling with self-injury.”


Gray “The Good in the Bad” Tee, $35.00

I love this design. The Yin-Yang symbol is a perfect representation of how to recognize there is always a good in every bad you encounter. The use of the semicolon is also significant. A group named The Semicolon Project uses a semicolon to show that where a sentence could have been ended, but instead, didn’t. In other words, a life that could have ended, but didn’t. It’s a beautiful philosophy.


Mood Disorders Bracelet, $6.40

This item is by far one of my favorites. I love the idea of a bracelet being used to show support for those struggling with something; it’s so discreet but present that it really warms my heart. There are seven different kinds of bracelets on the site, all the same price. The seven are as follows: ADHD, Anxiety Disorders, Eating Disorders, Mood Disorders, PTSD, Schizophrenia, and Self-Injury bracelets.

The best part about all of this? You can just want to support the recovery of people with mental health abnormalities. By buying an article of clothing, you are showing your support for those who struggle with mental health abnormalities.

Want to check it all out for yourself? wearyourlabel.com