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[ 4 ] D.I.Y. ~ Mug Madness


For this past Mother’s Day, I wanted to give my mom something special. For once, I had the money to buy something; but the problem is my dad had all ready bought her what she wanted. So now what? I was getting frustrated at my lack of knowledge of what to get my mother. What could she use? Doesn’t she all ready have everything she needs? But isn’t this about what she wants? I was driving myself insane. So I went to Pintrest (which I have newly discovered how to use, despite my young age) and searched for DIY ideas. Lo and behold, I found one: a DIY mug.

Okay, so I didn’t have to actually sculpt a mug or anything (which I have tried [and failed] with before). It was a blast to do, and my mom really liked it. What is this DIY, then, you ask?

I call it: Mug Madness.

I found the instructions here. I love this site. Gimme Some Oven let me make my first meal for my entire extended family: cinnamon apple pork chops. (Delicious, if I must say so myself.) So when I saw this site had instructions, I immediately went with it; and I am really glad I did. I’ll be giving you what I did and in the order I did them with pictures of the process.

First things first, I took a trip to my (kinda) local JoAnn Fabrics. They had the ceramic paint pens I needed in a bunch of different colors. I went with the brand “Painters,” which weren’t too expensive. They were about $4 each ($3.99 to be exact), and I bought three different colors: red, black and gold. It was nice that the metallic ones were the same price as the regular ones. All of the pens were fine, since I knew that if I chose a thicker version, my letters would be all smushed together.


I searched around JoAnn’s for a bit longer for a white ceramic mug, but they had none, which was a bummer. So I went with my next option: Dollar General. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any white mugs either. Instead of getting discouraged, though, I decided I was going to do something fun: I got a colored mug and a white plate. The cost for the both of them was under $5.


Before I could get to the fun part, I washed both of the items with warm water and soap, making sure to dry them thoroughly. Then the fun begins. Decorate your mug with fun sayings! Since mine was for my mother, I looked up mother’s day quotes that weren’t too long for the plate, and used the example text on Gimme Some Oven for the mug. Before putting anything on my materials, however, I practiced first. I used a thick piece of cardboard to get my paint pens working, then I practiced different penmanship for each of the sayings in each of the colors. Once I was satisfied with the design, I began transferring it onto the mug and plate. Once it was dry, I put in into the oven at 375 degrees for 40 minutes. I was really happy with the end result!


Altogether, this project costs around $20. Good for a college student or a high school student, or even somebody who doesn’t want to go broke every time there’s a holiday. The time to do this project was around 3 hours, so it isn’t too time consuming. The time varies with both the paint and the length it takes to decorate. If your paint says to cure, then do what it says. The example on Gimme Some Oven said to let the paint cure for 8 hours. Mine had no instructions that I could see, so I baked it after 10 minutes. I recommend hand washing to keep the paint from flaking.

Hope this gets your inspiration gears going and motivates you to do something fun!


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