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[ 3 ] Body Image~ Imagine That

This first “real” post is going to be something serious and what I believe to be a real issue in today’s society for women. Yes, it’s a big topic that has a lot of controversy surrounding it, but go big or go home, right?

I recently read an article from a fellow blogger on WordPress. Her entire article fascinated me- I had never thought about the song “All About that Bass” in this way before- was it really bashing those considered “skinny” and glorifying those that weren’t? When taking another listen to the song, I began to realize how accurate this seemed to be. I’ll admit it, I really did like the song. It made me feel good about my not-as-skinny-as-my-friends body shape. I let myself get sucked up into the fun beat and simply ideology of everyone being beautiful. But I suppose I never realized that the song has two major flaws to it. The first was briefly touched upon in the article: Girls, you need a boy to validate how you feel about yourself. How absolutely ridiculous is that? The second flaw is the fact that it deflates any girl who essentially feels good about herself. “Go ahead and tell them skinny b*tches that.” While it is followed with a “Naw, I’m just playing,” it’s the same thing as saying, “No offense, but xyz.” It’s still offensive.

So, if we don’t get validation from boys or other females, where can we get the validation of our body from? As a female, I can proudly say that I will never need a man to validate how I feel about my body, nor will I need a fellow female to tell me how I’m supposed to feel. The truth of the matter is this: my body is mine; you don’t like it, you can suck it up and leave. It’s infuriating when other people think that commenting on weight or appearance is an okay thing to do. It’s not. In truth, the fact that it’s almost socially acceptable to judge other women for their body type is disgusting.

You may be saying “I agree with you! But how do I change this?” This question is a difficult one, and it can have a different answer for every person. The best answer I can give you is what I do.

I have decided to believe in myself. I’m done relying on others for validation of my looks. In all honesty, it just makes me feel bad about myself. I’m done fishing for compliments. I’m done with complimenting other girls only to get one back. I’m going to mean what I say. When I say that I think somebody looks nice, I’m going to say it and mean it. No more half-hearted compliments. I’m going to choose to be happy with myself. I’m not petite; that’s for sure. But I’m deciding I don’t need to be petite to be happy. I just need to be happy. And I feel that every woman should take the opportunity to try this: point out your favorite parts of your body. Go ahead. I like my eyes, lips, and calves. Guess what, ladies? Nobody else has those same features. Sure, everybody has eyes, lips and calves, but not my eyes, lips and calves. And guess what connects the three together? My entire body. One part of your body isn’t beautiful; the entire thing is, and you should know it.

Believe in yourself. You are beautiful. I promise.

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[ 2 ] Barter System

If the world worked on a barter system, how would you fare? Would you have services to barter? Would you be successful, or would you struggle?

This was the prompt given to bloggers of the world. So, how would I answer this? That’s a tough question. I always have hated the idea of “bragging” about one’s abilities. That’s one of the reasons I hate writing out resumes and college applications. List things that you feel we should know about you. I don’t know. How about the fact that I don’t have pinky toenails*? No? Okay, then how about the fact that I’m terrified of failure? See, the things that make me myself are not those typical “bragging rights” that a lot of people would first think about. They’re funny little quirks that show my personality.

But, alas, this question isn’t asking for quirks. It’s asking whether or not I would actually be worth something. So, here goes a selfish rant on what I could offer. I apologize beforehand.

Writing – In case it wasn’t obvious already, I really enjoy writing. I’m currently working on my second novel (the first is just a finished manuscript that I never want to get published because I wrote it in eight grade). I write poetry and short stories, and I am also working on an idea for a TV script. I have so many ideas floating around in my head for story ideas that I could offer my services for many things: whether that be editing, entertainment or an idea generator.

Music – On top of writing, I also have a passion for music. While passions are not generally considered skills, I do consider myself musically capable. I play piano, which I have had 5 years worth of lessons (yes I know I started late in life; I’m not one that started at 3 and is a child player). I also have taught myself guitar and ukulele, which I think is fun. I want to learn Native American Flute and bass guitar, along with cello and drums. Yes, I have a wide range of desires to learn things. But while I may not be able to teach those myself, I can write music for others. I know how to compose and create songs, some of which I’m hoping to get recorded onto a CD to sell. I would be able to offer, once again, my services in entertainment and as an idea generator.

Advice – This one is not quite like the other two. It’s not really a material object that I can offer others; this is something that is more difficult to accept. I’ve been told numerous times I give good advice. I personally didn’t believe it- until people started continually asking me for it. People often tell me things that they don’t tell other people. Why that is, I’m not really sure. Maybe I give off a trustworthy vibe. Whatever the real reason is, I feel like this is something I could offer the world that doesn’t take much thought; I always say what I think is the best thing to do in every situation, even if I don’t follow it myself.

So, based on these three things, I’d say I’d be pretty successful. As much as people don’t need entertainment, a lot of people really like it, and I feel like they’d want it anyways. I suppose I’d be pretty well off.

*Just for clarification, I do sort of have pinky toenails- they just don’t really count since they aren’t even a centimeter in length. I can’t even put nail polish on them, so I don’t consider them toenails.

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[ 1 ]

I’ve always hated beginnings of things. Starting up a new conversation gives me anxiety. See, look. I’ve already told you way more than you’d prefer to know. My case rests in my own awkwardness.

So, to delete the awkward atmosphere I’m sure I just created, I’m going to begin by telling you why I’m here.

I want to give my advice to the world.

Cliché, I know. But it’s true.

I want to tell the world what my perspective is on things. I want the whole world to know how I feel about anything and everything. Okay, maybe not everything, but you get my gist. I’m here to express myself and let others feel free to add onto my expression.

What will I be talking about?

Life, love, tips, stories, trials, tribulations, transitions, and, most importantly, what I think about all of them.

Interested? Stay tuned! My blogs can only get more awkward as we go, but you’ll learn to love it. I hope.